BISP to launch child protection campaign tomorrow

BISP to launch child protection campaign tomorrow

ISLAMABAD: Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) is launching ‘BISP Child Protection Campaign’ on Saturday at its headquarters and 40 other district and tehsil offices across the country.
The campaign has been planned under the concept of social responsibility envisaging a call to action from all segments of society. It will include gatherings in 40 districts which will be led by respective parliamentarians, who will initiate the campaign in their constituencies.
Talking to media on Friday, BISP Chairperson Marvi Memon said that the main event will be held at BISP headquarters in which the members of parliament, academia, civil society, media, various INGOs and NGOs working on child protection – like Sahil, UNICEF, UN Women, Oxfam International – and BISP beneficiaries will participate in the campaign. It will proceed towards a pledge of child protection from all stakeholders, she informed.
She further said that during the campaign, the BISP women leaders, BISP beneficiaries and their children will be sensitised through training on issues of child protection, children’s rights and ways to ensure the security of children through video documentaries, information, education and communication (IEC) material and animated and illustrative messaging.
BISP chairperson also said that the campaign is planned to raise awareness about the different aspects of child protection and role of parents, teachers, leaders, guardians and responsible members of society regarding child protection. The campaign will also highlight different methods to inform children on the issue, she added.
Marvi further said that the campaign will focus on activities where the parents, teachers, youth and the community will be informed on the scale of the problem and the actions which can be taken to control the issue of child harassment and abuse. “It is focused towards changing the attitudes of complacency towards our children,” she added.
BISP also plans to set up a hotline and a call centre as part of this campaign for receiving complaints of abuse against children and direct them to relevant agencies for actions, the chairperson said.
‘BISP Child Protection Campaign’ will be helpful to create an environment, in which families, communities, organisations and government will ensure that children’s physical, social and psychological needs are fulfilled so that they grow into healthy and contributing members of society, ultimately making the society child-friendly.

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