Pakistan will have to pay ‘for attack in IoK,’ warns India: report

Pakistan will have to pay ‘for attack in IoK,’ warns India: report

Jammu: Indian Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Monday blamed Pakistan for the terror attack at the Sunjuwan military camp in the Indian held Kashmir and warned that the country will have to pay the price for the “misadventure”, as reported by a local English daily. 
She asserted that even though evidence of Pakistan’s role may be shared, India still reserved the “right to respond adequately at the time our choosing”. “Pakistan will pay for this misadventure. I repeat Pakistan will pay for it,” the defence minister, who arrived in the IoK to take stock of the situation told reporters.
The Sunjuwan military camp in the IoK was attacked in the wee hours on Saturday, killing six people including five soldiers. Three terrorists were also gunned down. “I can only assure that the Army, both the governments at the state and the centre, are definitely looking at it with all seriousness,” she said.
Asked whether the government was sharing evidence with Pakistan, Sitharaman replied in the affirmative. “Yes, all the evidence which has been collected will be compiled and definitely the evidence will be given as always to Pakistan,” she said.

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