PHC moved for release of Mashal’s shooter, 12 convicts

PHC moved for release of Mashal’s shooter, 12 convicts

PESHAWAR: The prime convict, Imran Ali, and 12 others challenged the sentences handed down by the anti-terrorism court in the Peshawar High Court through their counsel.
Last week, an ATC in Haripur jail had handed down one death sentence on two counts to one suspect Imran Ali, convicted five to multiple terms of life imprisonment, four years each in jail to 25 others, while acquitting 26 suspects because of ‘insufficient evidence’.
Defence counsel Syed Akhtar filed an appeal against the death sentence handed to Ali and the jail terms awarded to five others in the Abbottabad Circuit Bench of the PHC on Thursday.
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Criticising the verdict for bearing contradictions, the counsel pleaded the court to release his clients by disregarding the ATC verdict.
“The verdict is not accordance with the law as no witness appeared in the trial court to testify that Imran Ali had opened fire on Mashal Khan and claimed there was no proof or video evidence to show that Imran was present at the time of the killing.
Moreover, the counsel based on his argument for Imran’s release on the medico-legal report of Mashal, saying that according to the reports Mashal died as a result of torture and beating, not gunshot wounds, which proved Imran’s innocence.

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