Punjab police’s online system dies one complaint at a time

Punjab police’s online system dies one complaint at a time

LAHORE: Owing to the inefficiency of the police personnel, the online system instigated by Punjab chief minister for registration of complaints in 85 police stations of six divisions of the province, has turned out to be inadequate.
With no actions being taken by the police even after days of complaint registration and the applications being swept under the carpet, the online system launched in a bid to provide better policing facilities to the people has been proven unfruitful.
While those mainly responsible for the failure of the system are the sub-inspectors and assistant sub-inspectors (ASI) of the police stations, senior officials including the Lahore CCPO can also be blamed. The ASPs too seem to be not uttering a single word over the failure.
On one hand, while the people still are facing a lot of trouble as their online submitted complaints are being discarded without any investigation, on the other, the chief minister is being provided with a fabricated report claiming that the project is up and running. But the truth is that the distressed people have to visit the police stations again and again, and desperate to get their issues resolved even have to bribe the police.
According to sources, the personnel receive thousands of rupees from the people as bribes on a daily basis, and even then do not help them with their problems. In a bid to add to their pockets, they have dismantled the online complaint registration system, added the sources.
Sources further told that even though the whole policing system has been sabotaged, the high-ups, in the reports submitted by the junior members of the police staff, are told that everything is perfect.
Speaking to Pakistan Today, Asif, a resident of Lahore told that he submitted an online complaint regarding a robbery ten days ago, but no actions were taken. “After visiting the local police station again and again and demanding that an FIR be registered, I was informed that the complaint had discarded,” he said.
He further said that the police personnel told him to register a new complaint after which they would look into the matter and lodge an FIR. He demanded that the Punjab inspector general of police (IGP) should keep a check on the online system and ensure better facilitation of the people.
Civil Lines SP Safdar Kazmi told this scribe that a majority of the online registered complaints were that of business affairs and are looked into by the police. “If a police personnel sweeps any complaint under the carpet without verification, a strict action will be taken against him,” he said.
DIG spokesperson told this correspondent that DIG Haider Ashraf was personally monitoring the online complaint registration system and if complaints were being swept under the carpet in any police station, a departmental action would be launched against the culprit.

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