Residents demand action against auto workshops

Residents demand action against auto workshops

The ever-growing number of auto worshops in Khyber Super Market, situated in the heart of Peshawar Cantonment area have made the lives of its dwellers miserable as constant roars of auto engines and annoying noises of body fabrications were nerve racking for the people living here after paying hefty renting charges.
The market established for residential purposes and office premises was nowadays presenting the picture of Shuba Market where people from far flung area come in large numbers to fix their vehicles by blocking almost all the street roads.
In past three major bomb attacks were carried out in this market and presence of so many vehicle mostly unattended and parked for days were posing a great threat to the lives of market’s dwellers. Its incomprehensible that business of auto workshops in cantonment area especially in residential areas was totally prohibited but in this special case the authorities of Cantonment Board Peshawar (CBP) have turned a blind eye towards this grave situation. This apathy of concerned quarters to fix the situation has largely helped in increasing the numbers of auto workshops in this sensitive area.
The market provides residential facility to scores of families, students, government employees and office premises and existence of so many auto workshops adjacent to their residences was a constant threat and source of nuisance for them.
With so many auto workshops dealing several vehicles at a time created chronic traffic mess in the market and the residents often find no place to park their vehicle due to non availability of space.
The people living here have appealed to the concerned quarters to take action against owners of these auto workshops and people who have rented out shops to auto mechanics, body fabricator, painters and auto electricians and remove them in the larger interest of the citizens.—APP
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