Sepia Solutions deploys Google G Suite in Colgate-Palmolive

Sepia Solutions deploys Google G Suite in Colgate-Palmolive

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Sepia Solutions, a Google Cloud Partner in Pakistan, has successfully helped Colgate Palmolive Pakistan Limited (“Colgate-Palmolive”) to migrate from the legacy system to the latest, more robust G Suite. Colgate Palmolive was looking to update their communications & collaboration system, in compliance with their global requirement, as well as for increased security, reduced costs, better collaboration and enhanced teamwork.
The solution will be rolled out across the organization, including several locations in the country. By following the Google deployment methodology, Sepia Solutions managed to help Colgate-Palmolive make the migration in less than six months.
The G Suite set of applications will help reduce operational overheads, support costs, and address concerns for uptime. The intelligent security will ensure employees can share information and collaborate, do more as a team, and increase the overall efficiency of the total workforce.
“Moving to the cloud isn’t something to rush into. We had to evaluate different solutions in the market, make a detailed analysis; and amongst them, the Google Cloud solution proved to be the ideal choice for the sophisticated operational needs of our organization. Moreover, since it is used more by people today, it had a degree of familiarity which would help our employees migrate faster and more easily.” Ahmed Rehmani, Director IT of Colgate Palmolive said. “The G Suite platform promises to fulfill different requirements of the large and diverse workforce, who needs to collaborate and share a variety of information and data, every day, and over secure networks.”
“When Colgate came to us, they knew they would move to G Suite,” the Chief Solution Architect of Sepia Solutions commented at the signing ceremony. “However, they wanted more details about the technical requirements, migration activities, integration with existing system, and how long it will take. They were also concerned about uptime, security, compliance and other collaboration issues. We had detailed sessions to address all of these topics and more.”
Rehmani also said, “Sepia Solutions didn’t just provide us the Google Cloud solution. They took us from start to finish – the support department was with us all the way, they provided us complete guidance through the migration process, they arranged training sessions, and even provided us with a self-paced training portal to facilitate the rest of the employees. The people of Sepia are a pleasure to work with.”
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