Violating CNG stations sealed after SSGC raids

Violating CNG stations sealed after SSGC raids

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SSGC conducted raids on a number of CNG Stations found violating official closure and sealed 3 CNG Stations in Hyderabad SS&CGTO team in coordination with Company’s CRD, FIR Cell, along with SSGC Police raided three CNG stations in Haala Naka area in Hyderabad that were running their businesses despite the SSGC’s notification for weekly closure.
The team sealed Akbar CNG Station, Mashallah CNG and United CNG stations for 48 hours and strongly warned their owners that if they will continue this illegal act, the duration of closure will be increased in weeks and months. In addition, they will be liable to stringent penalties under the Gas (Theft and Recovery) Act 2016.
SS&CGTO also conducted raids in Hyderabad and Jamshoro where some miscreants were using gas on domestic connections for commercial purposes such as power generation and bakery use. The team dismantled the connection and advised them to apply for RLNG connection for commercial usage.
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