Who will check organ trade?

Who will check organ trade?

PUNJAB police have busted a gang for extracting and selling of bone marrow in the guise of blood test from young women. The crime surfaced after father of a 17-year-old girl reported it to the police in Hafizabad district that the gang approached the family promising to help them prepare dowry for their daughter and making the financial assistance conditional on the medical check-up.
Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has taken notice of the incident and ordered the authorities concerned to provide best medical treatment to the affected girls. But at this stage there are just initial reports and no one can imagine the scale of this and similar other trades in organ taking place in different parts of the country. The confession of this one gang that they deprived 92 girls of their bone marrows and sold them in the market is indicative of a large-scale malice that needed a surgical operation by FIA and police. This is just one aspect as we know there are numerous gangs of doctors and nurses involved in kidney sales and even kidnapping of newly born children in hospitals for sale to needy families. Apart from some quacks, there are also reports of involvement of unscrupulous elements of the medical profession both from private and public health institutions which speaks volumes about their moral depravity. According to WHO, the shortage of an indigenous “supply” of organs for legitimate transplant needs has led to the development of the international organ trade, where potential recipients travel abroad to obtain organs through commercial transactions. The international movement of potential recipients is often arranged or facilitated by intermediaries and health-care providers who arrange the travel and recruit donors. The Internet has often been used to attract foreign patients and several websites offer all-inclusive “transplant packages”. Apart from awareness to save health and life of the innocent victims, Federal and Provincial Governments must act with speed to unmask and bring to book all those involved in such inhuman practices. We also hope that the Chief Justice of Pakistan would also look into a genuine and serious problem that makes life of patients vulnerable.
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